Exploring the Most Popular Neighborhoods in London

Explore some of London's most popular neighborhoods - Marylebone Mayfair Battersea Shoreditch Hackney Camberwell Covent Garden Soho Southwark North Greenwich - each offering its own unique charm & attractions.

Exploring the Most Popular Neighborhoods in London

London is a vibrant and bustling city, with each neighborhood offering its own unique charm and attractions. From the affluent streets of Mayfair to the creative energy of Shoreditch, there is something for everyone in the capital. Marylebone is one of those rare neighborhoods that still manages to awaken the distinct feeling that you've just found an enchanting secret. Much more discreet than its bustling neighbor Oxford Circus, strolling through the quieter and more elegant streets and intriguing walkways offers a pleasant respite from the frantic pace of the capital.

Delve into the famous Daunt Books, eat crab donuts at the famous Chiltern Fire Station and enjoy a lively and distinctly Australian atmosphere at Daisy Green. The affluent streets of Mayfair are home to some of the world's most luxurious shops, galleries and restaurants, not to mention the golden doors of The Dorchester and its equally well-known neighbors, Claridge's and The Connaught. Whether you're just passing through to enjoy the good life or if you're planning to really get to know London's most flashy neighborhood, check out our guide to Mayfair neighborhoods. After an intense renovation that earned the area its own tube station and in which hundreds of young and modern couples moved to the shiny new housing complex of the Battersea Power Station, the parade of restaurants and boutiques along the river in Battersea finally has a glamorous backdrop at the height of the riverbank.

Its past has not been forgotten, but has been loved again, with the Archlight cinema now located in the old railway arches and the Battersea Park, which continues to stretch along the river, with its own Peace Pagoda. Learn more about our guide to neighborhoods in Battersea. No matter how many rejuvenations you suffer from, Shoreditch's unorthodox creative energy can still be felt and seen throbbing through the streets. During the day, unconventional restaurants offer puff pastry (with clever flavors as you would expect) to their most avant-garde regulars and, at night, a melting pot of bars and clubs, some of the best in the world, come alive until the wee hours of the morning.

From the eccentric art scene to the newest and most talked about table, discover all the information with our guide to Shoreditch neighborhoods. Hackney is one of those areas of London that doesn't get the attention it so deserves. However, times are changing and the area is fast becoming the new face of East London, with its intoxicating mix of underground nightlife, scene-stealing dining options and, on weekends, a vibrant market where pubs and restaurants take to the streets and create an intimate and communal neighborhood atmosphere. Discover exactly what this district has to offer, from Moth House to Mare Street, with our guide to Hackney Central neighborhoods.

Possibly the most attractive neighborhood in South East London, Camberwell residents are very proud of their autonomous town within a big city. And with the quirky cafes, independent boutiques, and rows of Georgian properties perfect for a dollhouse, it's no wonder. Students at the Camberwell School of Art have a thriving food scene and a jovial atmosphere, and a tour of the neighborhood includes a worldwide mix of restaurants, churches that offer jazz in their crypts, and parks that come alive with Caribbean music in summer. Discover exactly what Camberwell has to offer with our guide to the best things to do, eat and see.

The name Covent Garden precedes it; perhaps one of the best-known neighborhoods in London, a visit to the capital wouldn't be complete without crossing the worn cobblestones that wind around the central market. Stall vendors and street artists have called this area home for decades, and sit next to sophisticated, new additions, such as Sushi Samba and Manhattan's popular dim-sum bar, RedFarm. Dive into the best that this culturally diverse area has to offer with our guide to Covent Garden neighborhoods. Always busy and constantly changing, Soho is one of London's most iconic neighborhoods (and the world's original “Soho”).

Surrounded by Oxford Street, Regent Street, Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road, it's right in the action of London's West End and offers an exciting maze of theatre shows, lively bars and some of London's best restaurants. To see a side that tourists don't usually see, check out our guide to the best things to do in Soho. Shoreditch, the jewel in the crown of East London was an infamous area that was reinvented in the 1990s to become a thriving creative and technological playground and a provider of everything that's trending. Nowadays it's more slippery than sandy.

While the art scene is still thriving some of Shoreditch's best restaurants now have Michelin stars and many of the most modern hotels in the world have moved there. Start your exploration of East London with our guide to things to do in Shoreditch. It may not be one of the biggest neighborhoods in London but Southwark has a lot of crowded places: the neighborhoods of Camberwell, Peckham Elephant & Castle Canada Water Old Kent Road Surrey Quays Dulwich are all within its limits. For some of the best places in South London check out our guide to the best things to do in Southwark.

There aren't many lists of the best places to live in London that include North Greenwich but that is expected to change in the coming years.. The Greenwich Peninsula neighborhood is developing rapidly and extends southward from the iconic dome. Of The O2 entertainment complex In addition to modern residential skyscrapers, along the banks. Of The River Thames a growing number of world-class restaurants cafes.

And retail stores now call North Greenwich home Popular riverside trails And an impressive driving range keep locals active Homes In North Greenwich are almost exclusively apartments making them popular with young professionals And couples It's also a good option for workers who reside In Canary Wharf just A tube stop away or for those who travel frequently as London City Airport Is nearby More family-friendly homes can be found In The vicinity Of Greenwich A historic neighborhood That Is home To The world-famous Royal Observatory As Its many warehouses suggest This former industrial area.

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