Where Do Most US Expats Live in London? A Guide for American Expats

Are you an American expat looking for an affordable place to live in London? Check out this guide on where US expats usually settle down when moving to England's capital.

Where Do Most US Expats Live in London? A Guide for American Expats

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in London as an American? As someone who lived there for more than 6 years, I can tell you that it can be a great experience. London is a notoriously expensive place to live, so if you're moving to the capital on a budget, Bexley is the best option for you. Bexley is a charming neighborhood, tucked away on the south-east side of London. Not only does it offer affordable living, but you can also enjoy lush countryside, picturesque markets, and great connections to central London.

One of the reasons Bexley is so cheap is because it's located outside London, so you might want to factor in travel costs. If you're planning to travel to central London from Bexley, be prepared to pay a monthly train fare of 253.50 pounds a month. If expensive travel costs keep you away from Bexley, check out the map below to see the most affordable areas in London. If you're looking for student accommodation in London, your criteria will likely include affordability, proximity to universities and connections to the city.

That's why we've placed Islington at the top of the standings. What about the cost? Well, most students moving to London are looking for a shared house; this way, you can rent a much nicer place for less money. If you do your research, you should be able to get a shared house for about 600 pounds a month in Islington. We know this sounds like a lot, but compared to the average cost of a shared house in London, of 783 pounds a month, it's significantly cheaper. If you want to move to London for street food, vintage shops and vibrant vegan shops, Camden is the place for you.

This hipster center has maintained its peculiar individuality since the 1960s, the decade when rock and psychedelia exploded. The Roundhouse (Camden's most attractive music venue) was at the center of the revolution of the '60s and still stands today. And the rest of Camden is no different: whether you're into soul, jazz, heavy metal, rock, or indie music, this district has what you're looking for. Do you need a new vintage outfit? Camden Market is brimming with vintage delicacies.

Every corner of this colourful market is full of retro clothing and wonderful street food, with more than 1000 shops, cafes and bars to choose from. Since 47% of the London metropolitan area is “green”, wherever you decide to live in London, you can guarantee that you won't be too far from the natural space. Deciding where to live can be especially difficult if you're not familiar with London's many neighborhoods, transportation systems, or where to live in London in relation to work or school. The stock of rental properties is good in these areas, and there are plenty of community organizations to help expats get settled. As recommended by Jean Oddy & Company, the best neighborhoods to live in London for Americans are listed from the most expensive to the most affordable. I would also recommend Hackney (east London), which is also edgy, cool and cheap to live in; a good place to live if you really like fashion and modern urban art.

South London is another lively area that has many affordable neighborhoods with easy access to the center such as Brixton, Clapham and Greenwich. Whether you only know part of the moving equation or you know absolutely nothing, these are some of the best areas to live in London. Some of the best places to live in East London include Canary Wharf, Bethnal Green, Hackney and Walthamstow. Deciding where to live in London can be overwhelming especially if you've never been as it's divided into different areas. I have lived in Oxford (in central London), South London and in the countryside; I have moved around quite a bit and now I plan to move again. Choosing where to live plays an important role when it comes to settling in and enjoying the experience of living in London. In response to those who ask me about local clubs, yoga places and activities for children that they can do; one of the best things about London is that literally ANYWHERE you live you will have access to this type of thing so I will find an area that you like and I guarantee that any yoga class etc., will be very close by and easy to access.

London can be a great place to live as an American but there are a few things that one should know before they move. Regardless of where one chooses to live in London opportunities abound to network with other Americans. This independent real estate agency Jean Oddy & Company specializes in helping American expatriates find their perfect home in London. North London is a popular area to live in the capital as it can be more affordable and quiet than other areas.

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